Kira Floor Clock

Kira Floor Clock

Kira Floor Clock

  • Expect nothing less than perfection from this sculpted metal grandfather clock

  • It ; a distinctive piece that ; as much a work of art as it is a timepiece

  • While it serves its functional role masterfully, it also provides any space — be it residential or professional — with an air of undeniable class and sophistication

  • That ; thanks to its exquisite silhouette, its meticulous attention to detail, and its unique design

  • Flawless Finish: From top to bottom, this eye-catching clock is designed to capture attention

  • It ; finished in aged silver that captures an old-world aesthetic, while the arched base and dial are finished in natural walnut with a vertical grain panel for a down-to-earth element that provides beautiful balance

  • Both the hour and minute hands are finished in aged silver to tie everything together cohesively

  • The perfect finishing touch is the sleek and simple pendulum, which boasts a cylindrical bob in natural walnut and an aged, silver-finished pendulum stick

  • Quartz Movement: Quartz movement requires one AA and two C batteries

  • Howard Miller: Founded in 1926 and still family-owned in its third generation, Howard Miller is the world ; leading clock company and a respected brand name in fine specialty furnishings such as curio cabinets, wine & bar furnishings, custom storage cabinets, and SmartMoves; adjustable height desks.

Product Width: 42cm

Product Depth: 36cm

Product Height: 188cm

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