Echo Floor Clock

Echo Floor Clock

Echo Floor Clock

  • Enhance your living room with the Echo II pendulum grandfather clock

  • It combines the sleek look of tempered glass with a glossy white dial and base for an eye-catching modern style

  • Functional and Modern: The Echo II pendulum grandfather clock has tempered glass panels for modern style

  • It also boasts a gloss white base and dial that complements any interior color palette

  • Stainless Steel Details: This modern grandfather clock has a slim cylindrical pendulum with a stainless steel finish, which matches the hour markers and hands

  • The continuous sweep second hand is bright red, so it stands out against the dial

  • Adjustable Lighting: The case of this all-glass grandfather clock can be illuminated with its LED light

  • It has three settings, which you can easily adjust by touching the top of the clock ; base

  • Stable on Uneven Floors: There are adjustable levelers under the corners of this timepiece, which allow you to place it on carpets or uneven floors

  • Quartz Movement: This pendulum grandfather clock has quartz movement and requires one AA and two C batteries

  • Howard Miller: Founded in 1926 and still family-owned in its third generation, Howard Miller is the world ; leading clock company and a respected brand name in fine specialty furnishings such as curio cabinets, wine & bar furnishings, custom storage cabinets, and SmartMoves; adjustable height desks.

Product Width: 42cm

Product Depth: 27cm

Product Height: 198cm

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